Tablicon   1985</br>acrylic, screen print, velvet on panel</br>58 in x 52 in
Mother Russia 1   2011</br>watercolor, ashes, acrylic on archival digital print</br>22 in x 27 in Max 1,   2009</br>acrylic, collage, rock salt, ink, xerox trasnfer on paper</br>12 in x 19 in
Russian Album 1(a)   1991</br>xerox trasnfer, collage on paper</br>18 in x 23 in


Following the trajectory of our family as immigrants from WW2, I revisited these two countries in order to reestablish the emotional connection of childhood memory to the present and bring it forth in a body of work to pay homage to my parents’ struggles .In the Russians series I explored the chaotic imagery of my father’s photographic past-work from the Russian civil war, followed by the Paris prints where he worked in the assembly line of the Renault factory. In the Evita series I touched upon the profound impact of Eva Peron on the people of Argentina during the 1950s.