Birth   2011</br>oil, acrylic, nylon, charcoal, powdered pigment on synskin</br>84 in x 24 in PHP   2011</br>acrylic, watercolor, crushed glass, xerox transfer on synskin<br/>48 in x 19 in Athena   2010</br>acrylic, xerox transfer, rocksalt, crushed glass on synskin</br>77 in x 15.5 in MAYAN ADAM   2012</br>acrylic, oil, powdered pigment mounted on velevet<br/>84 in x 20 in<br/>Peter Liashkov and<br/>Miguel Angel Murillo Adam I   2011</br>acrylic, oil, xerox transfer, crushed glass, watercolor on synskin</br>84 in x 24 in example6 Ulysses   2011</br>acrylic, collage, powdered pigment, xerox transfer, oil, crushed glass, enamel, shellac, charcoal, on synskin<br/>82 in x 44 in Three   2009</br>acrylic, enamel, rocksalt, crushed glass on synskin<br/>77 in x 15.5 in


In this new series, Homosapiens, the interior of the human bodies is imprinted with fragmented narratives.  These tales are part of a fictionalized past-work of the person who is actually depicted.  The tattoo-like markings, enhanced with powdered pigments, earth and crushed glass, speak of the complexity of the inner workings of contemporary human beings.  Simultaneously the figures are linked to antiquity through their hieratic stance.